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Reservation service conditions

Following are brought the reservation conditions of the site EasyDomus. The client effecting a booking implicitly accepts the followings conditions.

Specific conditions for the single apartment

All the apartments published on EasyDomus possess theyr own specific conditions of lease. These are specifically brought in the page of detail of the single apartment. The acceptance of these conditions implicates the acceptance of the particular conditions of the apartment that you are reserving.

Mail of confirmation of the reservation

Following the booking, the client will receive an email of confirmation that contain in enclosure the voucher of the same. Every necessary information to use the booking is included in the aforesaid email.

Methods of payment of the lease to the owner

The owner of every apartment determines the methods of payment of the lease; The client effecting the booking declares to know and accept them. The client will be kept to put on in contact with the manager of the apartment with the purpose to agree with the same for the payment of the lease concluded the procedure of booking.

Procedure of checkin

The client will have care to contact the manager of the apartment with an advance of at least three days in comparison to the date of arrival with the purpose to agree themselves about the details and the schedule of the checkin.

Procedure of checkout

The apartment must be leaved free from the client within the prefixed checkout time, at departure must be returned all the delivered keys.

Contract of location

The owner of the apartment or the manager of the same it reserves him the right to ask to the client for the signature of a contract of location during the checkin.

Substitution of the lodging for acts of God

The owner of the apartment or the manager of the same for causes for acts of God it reserves him the right to vary the lodging of the client with a structure of peer characteristic, EasyDomus won't be in some responsible way for the caused drawback.

Behavior and care of the apartment

The client will have care of the rented apartment avoiding to bring damages to it and to the things in it contained, you/he/she will maintain during his/her own permanence a respectful behavior of the surrounding residences avoiding to cause noises after the hours 21.00, you/he/she will also have care not to allow more the lodging the apartment people in comparison to those declared during the booking. To the clients that didn't have to respect this conditions it will immediately come in demand to leave the apartment. In the eventuality it is not anticipated some reimbursement of the paid lease.

Exemption of responsibility in case of theft

EasyDomus won't be responsible for possible thefts of objects deposited in the apartment.

Politics of cancellation for the errands of booking

The cancellations written receipts with an advance more of 30 days in comparison to the date of arrival foreseen will be refunded in the measure of the 50% of the amount of the booking. For the cancellations with less than 30 days of advance the errand of booking won't be refunded. For the amount of the lease eventually already paid to the owner of the apartment or to his/her referente, the politics of cancellation will depend on the specific conditions of the apartment established by the owner. For no shows, the penalty is the 30% of the total rental.

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